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Aum, Om


en-w-aum-w-en, en-w-om-w-en


Pranava, Omkara, Aumkara - first soud for maya creation. From this sound comes all existence, all what have form, name or meaning. Three dimensins are created: heavens, mind and material Uniwerse.


Origin of OM:

- 1/1000 of Parashakthi separated and become Adi shakthi
- 1/1000 of Adi shakthi separated and become Jnana shakthi
- 1/1000 of Jnana shakthi separated and become Iccha shakthi
- 1/1000 of Iccha shakthi separated and become Kiya shakthi
- when this Kriya shakthi fell on pure maya called bindu, it becomes Omkara.

(Sri Vasantha Sai: "Liberation Here, Itself, Rirgt Now")



OM or AUM is different notification for the same sound /oʊm/.


The sound pronounced as a long or over-long nasalized close-mid back rounded vowel, [õːː])


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